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Bestow Beauty offers a beautiful range of organic super-food blends to moisturise, nourish, purify and protect your skin from within.

What you put on your skin is only half the story. Bestow’s nourishing super-food blends support skin on a cellular level and nurture beautiful, healthy, skin from the inside out.

Bestow products are organically sourced from New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The designer super-food blends include bio-available phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Ingredients across the range include cold-pressed virgin flax-seed oil, wheatgrass, blackcurrant, alfalfa, coconut, kelp, spirulina, hibiscus, cinnamon, licorice, slipper elm and ginger to name just a few.

Bestow products are primarily food-based and designed to be incorporated into food because this makes the nutrients more bio-available and better absorbed by the body.

A skin that is well fed from within has the nutrients and EFA’s it requires to produce soft, clear, glowing skin. Bestow Beauty products lay a vital foundation for beautiful skin.

BESTOW BEAUTY OIL moisturises your skin from within. 

The EFA’s it contains makes your skin feel soft, smooth and velvety and gives it a natural, luminous glow.

BESTOW BEAUTY PLUS OIL moisturises your skin from within. 

And provides extra nutritional support during times of ill health or stress.

BESTOW BEAUTY POWDER nourishes your skin from within. 

It contains eight super-foods which are rich in the nutrients your skin needs to produce anti-ageing structures like collagen, elastin and GAG’s.

BESTOW BE CLEANSED purifies your skin from within. 

This fibre-rich blend of super-foods supports the health of the liver and bowel for healthy, radiant skin.

BESTOW BERRY BEAUTIFUL protects your skin from within. 

This colourful super anti-oxidant powder contains delicious berry and fruit powders to protect skin from the ageing affects of free radicals.

BESTOW NOURISHING FACIAL OIL nourishes your skin with beautiful botanicals

Janine Tait’s personally selected blend of 12 powerful botanical oils to nourish, strengthen, smooth and protect your skin. Bursting with EFA’s, vitamins and antioxidants, this gorgeous topical facial oil is an enriching booster to add into any skincare regime.

BESTOW ORGANIC HERBAL TEA hydrating nutrition for beautiful skin

Our beautiful organic, loose-leaf herbal teas are the therapeutic alternative to coffee and black tea.  While caffeine stresses and depletes your body, Bestow Organic Herbal Teas provide hydrating nutrition to support healthy, luminous, youthful skin.

BESTOW TEA ACCESSORIES refreshing style for your next brew

The Bestow Teapot is beautifully crafted from glass and stainless steel and the Bestow Tea Infusers are the perfect companion product to Bestow Organic Herbal Teas.

BESTOW RECIPE BOOKS inspire positive, dietary change for beautiful skin

Our skin is a reflection of our lives, so what we eat is going to directly impact the health and appearance of our skin. The 5 Bestow Recipe Books will inspire you to eat delicious, nourishing meals that support beautiful skin from within.