While you may be inclined to leave your retail stand or display as it is, without any intervention, chances are your stock is simply going to sit there and not be sold off to those potential purchasers! The point of retail in your salon is to compliment the skin, hair and beauty treatments you are offering, sending your clients home with products you know are going to give them the best results. This is why your products, including Bestow Beauty, must be displayed well in salon to attract and engage buyers!

Here are a few of our tips to displaying Bestow well in your salon:

  1. Make your retail area inviting.
    Positioning your Bestow area as a cosy nook in your store, with an area close by for your clients to help themselves to some herbal tea, is the perfect opportunity to incentivise clients to rise out of their chairs and straight to your retail shelves. Creating a relaxing environment starts with the products and complementary colouring tactics. We recommend placing Bestow products against a clean, minimalist background, amongst whites, woods, subtle brick and accompanied with lush greens to let clients know that this section of your salon is natural, organic, and not so topical.
  2. Shelves over cupboards or bookcases.
    People tend to not like to reach into more closed displays, and prefer open shelves or high benches and tables so they can get a good look at the product in question without having to pick it up necessarily. The purpose of a display is to highlight certain products by increasing their visibility, so the strategic openness of a shelf or table also helps the product look lighter and brighter to the customer.
  3. Eye-level is buy-level.
    This is a common saying in the world of retailing, and is a hugely successful tactic carried out by supermarkets and department stores to draw in customers. Prime eye-level shelves are known as the best retail real estate, and are often filled with premium items that the buyer's eye will naturally fall upon first. Placing your Bestow products here will guarantee interest, and questions asked! Make sure to rotate your stock in this space periodically so that clients are always seeing something new and exciting, and if they are looking for the brand or product that was there previously, this will force their eye to run over your other display areas, resulting in more reach.
  4. Place complementary retail products together.
    A simple trick that will encourage clients to buy both products as a package! We recommend displaying Bestow duos together, such as a Bestow Beauty Oil with a Bestow Beauty Powder, which work synergistically together within your body and on display.
  5. Add props.
    Props are a great tool for engaging your customers with your display, but stick to an 80/20 ratio  - 80% products and 20% props - for a cleaner, less messy message. Props with varying colours and textures make your display more interesting, while scents and music also help to support your message. For example, the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, lush greens and plant life and candles surrounding your Bestow display will bring home the idea that Bestow is a superfood brand that is healthy, clean and fresh.
  6. Focus on key products.
    A display does not need to show all the items in a product line. Focusing on thee to five products at a time makes a display less cluttered and more appealing to the eye. Displays should engage the buyer, and focusing on a key duo or just the tea range in Bestow will keep their interest for longer.