Join Janine Tait for Holistic Skincare Training this July!



Janine Tait – founder of Bestow Beauty, nutritionist, holistic skincare coach AND beauty therapist with over 30 years’ experience – and nutritional expert, Jenny Barrow will by coming to Melbourne for an exclusive 2-day workshop, Anti-Ageing: The Nutritional Approach.

Skin ageing is impacted upon by many different environmental factors and lifestyle habits. As skin health coaches, we need to understand the impact of these things and be able to recommend some simple things clients can do to address them.

With a passion for mentoring beauty therapists to achieving transformative results for their clients, Janine recognises the link between skin ageing and environmental factors and lifestyle habits and delivers it effortlessly to help you further your treatments in salon.

Join Janine and Jenny as they deliver this wealth of knowledge they have gathered in the holistic and inner beauty space, and cover topics that are unique and happening NOW in the industry.

“Before I met Janine Tait I had lost a lot of faith in the beauty industry. Her training completely inspired me and reignited my passion for skincare. I have never seen such transformative results. It is an amazing feeling to help someone who has been suffering from an on-going skin condition and see them obtain beautiful healthy skin and new confidence. — Jeanine Chell

For $495 per person for the 2-day workshop, which takes place over a Sunday + Monday, this is an incredible investment into education and delving deeper into the commitment it truly takes to treat client’s skin from the inside out, and one that you will benefit from immediately in your salon.

Previous holistic workshop attendees have commended Janine’s ability to simplify the complex functions of the body and the skin, into terms your clients will appreciate when looking at their skin’s health from within.

“Don’t hesitate for a minute to attend Janine Tait’s Holistic Skincare workshop. Janine is an absolute wealth of knowledge! — Melanie Gaynor, Beauty Elements

You will learn about:

  • The powerful and interdependent link between the skin and the gut
  • Biological and lifestyle factors that influence this relationship
  • The philosophy of nutrition and how it is an essential step to treating skin disorders and ageing skin

Trust us when we say this is something you CANNOT MISS!

ALL BEAUTY THERAPISTS WELCOME! You do not have to be a Bestow Beauty stockist to join this holistic skincare workshop.

Book in for our 2-day workshop at the end of July (29th + 30th) to enhance your anti-ageing treatments in your salon or clinic!