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It seems that we are constantly in a state of distraction and interruption, being influenced by the fast-moving world we now live in. Our over-booked schedules, chronic stress and disregard for overall wellness can be major factors in how we feel, and how our skin looks. From fast fashion to fast fads, especially within the beauty industry, and the constant stress of a busy life, the idea of ‘slow beauty’ enlightening our everyday lives and routines is sometime to welcome.

The Slow Beauty movement is the exact opposite of the fast world settling in the beauty industry, with the demand for invasive services and quick topical fixes causing us to subconsciously race against time, and try to fighting aging on the surface. Slow Beauty works looking to the future, its philosophy detailing a holistic approach to skincare with a focus on dermo-nutrition from the inside out, honing in on uncovering and achieving health and total wellbeing.

Slow Beauty came as a long-term, sustainable approach to beauty, which worked in partnership with the body’s natural resources and defences. The long term nature gave it its name ‘Slow Beauty’, and a holistic attitude created the treatment of people as a whole, not just what was on the surface.

However, in the nineties, a new trend of fast-acting facial treatments appeared within the industry, which all but buried the traditional wisdom of slow beauty and raised a generation of therapists to favour the short term, convenient quick fix over the tried and tested. The shift, while partially affective, was also damaging. Just as fast food is not good for us, fast impulsive beauty has plenty of drawbacks too. While these quick fixes can treat skin symptoms, it fails to notice the deep causes.

Hundreds of women like skincare expert Helena Rubinstein and famous aromatherapist Madame Micheline Arcier still trusted in a holistic approach, the latter believing “beauty of the face cannot be achieve without a feeling of well-being, a healthy body and inner harmony”, because what you put on your skin is only half the story.

Bestow Beauty founder Janine Tait, has also been a leader in the Slow Beauty movement, her extensive knowledge and experience championing how the ‘internals’ can be overlooked when treating your skin. And with the rise of knowledge surrounding nutrition and popularity of clean eating growing, Slow Beauty is slowly moving back into the forefront of the beauty industry.

The tides of change are well underway, with a new generation of therapists leading the way in holistic ‘slow’ beauty. Internal supplements, including nourishing oils, powders and teas that specifically work not only to improve your skin, but completely transform the body from the inside out.


Bestow Beauty encourages a holistic, ‘inside out’ approach to skincare, which focuses on total body health and wellness through providing dermo-nutrition products and recipes to empower therapists and clients to cultivate wellness from the inside out. Founder Tait believes that “nourishing your body with healthy food is important for so many aspects of your life”. Introducing beautiful rituals, with Bestow at the helm, into your daily life can nurture and support you to bestow health and radiance to your being and your skin.

No one can afford to ignore this quiet revolution. The shift from short-term convenience towards slower, deeper and truer ideals, is forcing us to up the game and improve our knowledge on how diet and lifestyle factors impact upon our wellness and appearance. Stay tuned for the inevitable rise of Slow Beauty…