Heard of holistic beauty? This is where the beauty and health & wellness industries collide, creating a whole new path for therapists to create personalised treatment programs, plans and regimes for each client based on their individual concerns.

It’s clear that these two industries are now interconnected, with consumers becoming more aware and educated on the fact that beauty and skin treatments are more than skin deep, and in order to see results on their skin, internal health must be considered.


Janine Tait, founder of Bestow Beauty, recognised this awareness and knew that as a therapist herself, she needed to integrate her treatments, looking at both inside and out to achieve the best results for clients. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it must be taken care of properly. Your skin is a very clear indicator of what is going on underneath, providing a detailed reflection of internal wellness, becoming a gateway for environmental and lifestyle toxins to leave the body.

By taking on this approach to the skin, as not just something a topical solution can fix, but an organ where we have to look and target the long-term root cause of symptoms, beauty therapists like Janine Tait have discovered an entirely different way to treat skin, working on improving the long-term health of the client.

The merge between these two industries has resulted in more and more salons promoting the benefits of the power of slow beauty, and working from within to get results on the surface. Personalising the beauty approach to skin treatments, by focusing on individual skin concerns, and preventative and functional techniques to maintaining a healthy body, allows the five core components to healthy ageing – diet and nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and hormonal imbalance – to be met and allows them to thrive.

Supplementation, while in the past looked down upon, has become revolutionary in the health, beauty and wellness industries, impressing the clients that have trialled and loved the results of working on their skin and health from within first. As with acne, rosacea of decreased skin elasticity, beauticians and aesthetic therapists need to look beyond external treatments to effectively understand the cause of the symptoms, whether it be diet, stress, anxiety or genetics.

Because prevention of skin conditions is better than curing it after the fact, Bestow Beauty combines powerful super-food blends to moisturise, nourish, purify and protect your skin from within, with recipes and rituals to inspire you to embrace a healthy lifestyle that supports your skin over a lifetime.