Get healthy, fit and feeling great into the new season…

Spring cleaning doesn’t just stop in your living room, it can extend to your mind and body, giving it a complete overhaul ready for the new season.

As spring slowly creeps into the sky, your routines change. The sun stays out for longer, meaning that you can too, giving you more room to work on your body, fitness and diet. Think of spring as a great launchpad into a revitalised summer


Feed your body new foods – Coming out of what seems like a winter coma can make you feel sluggish, but let the fresh new air hit your and indulge in the healthy foods that have come in season. Spring comes with it the promise of fresh produce that you can add into your daily smoothies or yoghurt, with a dash of our Bestow Beauty Powder of Berry Beautiful Powder for extra nourishment.

Get outside – No excuses now! The warmer weather staying around in the evenings for longer means you have much more time in your day to enjoy the outdoors. Take in the sunshine (safely) and fresh air with a daily afternoon walk, or even get your body moving in the backyard with your regular gym workout routine and save a bit of $$$.

Wake up earlier – Support your internal rhythms by giving your body a new wake up time, and you will be surprised by how much you can get done before work, school or the rest of your house gets up. You won’t need to snuggle in bed anymore with the change into spring, and don’t let this hold you back, you might discover this is your favourite time of the day for some ‘me-time’.

Add some flavour to spring – Springtime is the time to really support your liver. Add some sour foods like vinegar, mint, ginger and lemon to your dishes, not only to liven up your meal but to help flush your liver and leave your feeling clean. We recommend adding the Bestow Be Cleansed Powder into your diet slowly to help remove the toxins from your body that can clog up your liver and make you feel slow and sluggish.

Hydrate from within – Water is an absolute essential, as we require water to function. Not only does water hydrate us, remove toxins and leave us feeling full, but it helps in the appearance of our skin, giving us a lit from within look that just can’t be beat by topical solutions. Our Beauty Powders work perfectly when mixed with water to moisturise your skin from within, and our Beauty Oil is an essential addition to your spring diet to keep up your moisture levels.

Reduce stress levels – “Stress is like waste, without taking it out regularly it can wreak havoc on the house”. There is nothing more accurate than the effect stress can have on your mind and your physical body. This spring is the perfect time to take back control of your stress, no matter how extreme. Relieve stress levels by taking a yoga class, going for a walk, or even just focusing on your breathing.