Clients want more from their skincare regime nowadays. The growing education surrounding skincare, health and wellbeing has created a more knowledgeable market that are becoming more realistic about what it takes to get great skin. The search for results driven products is on, and treating the skin as a whole organ, with each part of the body being inherently interconnected allows for supplementation to complement the products we already use.

This is essentially a holistic look at treating the body, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just symptoms of a disease. This truly highlights how the public has become much more sensitive to talks about miracle creams and skin saviours when looking for something to really transform their skin for the better.

The list is endless when it comes to common skin conditions that plague women and men every day, including premature ageing, rosacea, sensitive skin, acne, eczema and pigmentation.

Majority of skin disorders and conditions we see are most usually due to the environmental concoction of UVA and UVB exposure as well as daily free radical exposure, or something as simple as our diet or mindset. Yes, it’s true.

Your skin is a reflection of your life. When undesirable reactions to external factors occur, our skin can suddenly be turned from hydrated and bouncy, to completely deficient of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs). Some of the most common and essential supplements that our skin needs to thrive are:

  • Vitamin A– renowned for its anti-ageing properties, plumping the skin from within and treating dozens of painful and irritating skin conditions
  • Vitamin C– utilised frequently in skincare with it antioxidant effects on the skin and pigmentation. We do not make vitamin C on our own nor can we synthesise collagen production without it, so it is essential to integrate this through what you put in your body and your diet
  • The Omega family – omegas are essential for hydrating the skin from within. Skin health is near impossible without unless our deepest skin layers can withhold the moisture we give it on the surface

With supplementation, we can address the root of the problem, literally at the source. Those of us deficient in Omega 3 in our diets will surely suffer from dryness and tightness of the skin, as the essential fatty acids we so need have been depleted. Instead of attaining a horde of serums and moisturisers to get our skin back to its hydrated health, it’s time to look at your skin from a different perspective, first internally and then externally.

Bestow’s range of organic superfood blends, in powders and oils, work to nourish, hydrate and beautify your skin from within, working on your skin’s health and appearance from the inside first. Containing essential nutrients from the Omega family and essential fatty acids, the products help to bestow healthier skin from the source...